Peripera “Peri’s Tint”…MAGIC lipstick!!


So I’ve gotta admit that I knew nothing of this brand when I first ordered this lipstick online. I’m what you would call your typical “visual buyer” and things that catch MY eye are mostly the quirky, cute, colorful and sparkly ones! ^^

I first saw this brand on a picture on Instagram and thought the packaging looked cute. The picture was of a completely different product (a lipgloss which I might tell you about in another post)…but when I searched for the brand online, I found this interesting color changing lipstick – hurrah for the quirkyness-factor!


lipstick me


!! I’m telling you – THIS lipstick is magic – yes girls, magic !!

First of all, it’s blue at first look, but once you put it on your lips it transforms into an amazingly rich and vibrant pink shade, I’m SO in love!!

Second, it feels lovely and moisturizing on your lips. It gave a nice shine and my lips never felt dry.

Third (but deffo not least) I didn’t even need to touch it up for approx 5 hours – and that’s 5 hours incl. lunch and Starbucks’ing!! After I’d brushed my teeth and everything that night, I on purpose did not touch my lips with any makeup remover and they were still a nice pink shade in the morning (that’s longwear for ya!!)



lipstick happy


I believe they have them in mango yellow and apple green too….possibly other colors by now…check out your normal Korean beauty stockist for these, they are gold!

Personally, I always get my Korean beauty products and makeup at eBay. It’s the cheapest way I’ve found (I got this for about £6) and when it arrives 10-14 days later you almost feel like it’s a little surprise present arriving at your doorstep. I’ll make a list of my fave sellers on there if you want? ^^

Thanx for reading! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask xoxo


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