Glossybox Review February 2015, Love Box <3




~ * Glossybox February 2015 * ~

….a box introducing me to my “beauty soul mates”? Why, yes please Glossybox, don’t mind if I do!


Packaging: As usual, Glossybox’s packaging is lovely. It’s not just sturdy and practical, it’s also super pretty. I normally keep boxes from beauty subscriptions like this and either use them as gift boxes or storage for various stuff around the house. For example, I have all of my sunglasses in one of them and lots of chargers for my phone, ipod etc in another. I wonder what you use yours for? Please share in the comments section! 🙂

The February luuuuurve – box itself is a lovely white box with a matte finish and glossy pink letters on the lid along with a couple of hearts in the bottom. Inside is also pink with Glossybox’s own cute crown logo. I have a tendency to only buy random boxes from Glossybox, so the only one I have to compare with is a silver box from back in December. Are they all pink inside? Also, is it just me, or does unwrapping the ribbon, taking off the sticker and folding back the tissue paper, make it feel like someone’s sent you a present…and (worse) makes you forget that you actually did pay for this? Haha


Ok, so let’s have a look at the actual products I received…(that’s probably why you’re reading this anyway right?! 😉


image (6)

  • Wilkinson Sword – Hydro Silk

This was a very welcomed product as I actually needed a new one but hadn’t had a chance to pop into Boots for one. I’ve since tried it out and it’s excellent and leaves my legs lovely and smooth. I’m not sure about the whole “infusion thing”, but compared to razors without it, I deffo prefer this one. I was a little disappointing that this seemed to be the “main item” in the box..I guess because of it’s size, maybe it’s just me?


  • Marsk Mineral Eyeshadow – Fifty Shades

Hahahaha, nice one Glossybox – with the name matching the new movie release, that’s kind of cute! Other than that it’s actually a really pretty deep grey shade with lots of shimmer. The pigmentation is lovely and thick and glides on really nicely, I am quite impressed. Pic is without primer btw.


  • Royal Apothic – Tinties

Absolutely loving the little pot this is in, it kind of reminds me of a pot that belongs on a French lady’s dressing table. Delicate, elegant and kind of smells like macaroons/ marshmallows – what’s not to love? When first opening this, I did expect a bit more color pay off. Once on my lips, it did give them a very nice shine and it wasn’t too sticky either, however it didn’t stay long after a cup of tea and a biscuit (ok, two biscuits, lol).


image (7)

  • So Susan – Rose Quartet lip & cheek palette

Ok, so I guess sometimes, there will be that one thing you’re just not sure about. Well this one is it for me. At the first glance, I was quite excited, but when I opened the palette and tried closing it again, the thing kinda popped back open and won’t close properly. This makes it impossible to take anywhere, which is a massive shame as this tiny palette would have been perfect in a travel makeup kit.  I contacted Glossybox about it and they very kindly sent me two replacement items to make up for this. All in all, a win win 🙂 The colors are super pretty but I have yet to try them as I was waiting to hear if Glossybox wanted it back or not.


image (8)


  • B.Cosmetics – Mascara

I’ve been eyeing up this “B.Cosmetics” brand for a while now, wondering what their products are like, so I am quite excited to try this one. I have plans to add a post solely on mascaras at a later date, so stay tuned for a review 😉



All in all, I’d say that Glossybox made me smile with this Valentines box <3

I’m going to also include Glossybox’s own product descriptions below because I’d like to share the cute little cards that come with the box.

Oh, and just to let you guys know..I have received none of these products for free and above opinions are all mine.

Hope you enjoyed this post xoxo






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