MAC Cinderella Collection 2015…a tale of the struggles and triumphs of getting my hands on some limited edition items!

@MAC Cosmetics

@MAC Cosmetics

A Lurrrrve Confession

While I do appreciate makeup and beauty products from a lot of different brands, MAC continues to be one of my favorites. MAC Cosmetics just always manage to capture my interest a little bit more than other brands and I normally keep an eye out for what they bring out next because I love how creative they can get. Their packaging never fail to impress me, just look at the Toledo collection, it’s super funky and artsy – compared with the BAo Bao collection that’s all golden and raw stone-ish, it’s pure genius!

No, I haven’t been paid to say any of this – I am just a bit of a self confessed MAC-aholic I guess and I’m especially enchanted by their special collections; sometimes I instantly fall in love, other times, not so much. But that’s the beauty of their stuff I think, there’s something for everyone!

Today, I’ll be talking about their Cinderella collection, because wouldn’t  we all like to feel just a bit like a princess sometimes?

mac description



Collection Color Scheme and Choosing my Items

Let’s talk about the color scheme for their Cinderella collection, because, while I love the whole evil stepmother purple thing, I felt that a light blue was missing in the eye shadow pallet. However, I guess they made up for that in the adorable packaging….oh, that packaging! I am sure loads of people simply bought this collection because of the gorgeous packaging. It’s just like Cinderella’s dress, light blue with pearl-like reflection – sort of magical and a bit like a sea shell. Yes, I know sea shells are far from Cinderella’s story, but my blog is called “city mermaid” after all, so I’ll just leave my description of how I see the colors 🙂

What you cannot see on my pics are that even the boxes the products came in were gold inside – you’ve gotta love that, and yes, it does make you feel like a princess opening them!

2015-03-15-20-53-10_deco (1)

I researched and Google’d pictures, swatches and reviews of this collection for well over a month. Yes you can call me obsessed or whatever, but it helped me make a clear choice of which items I really really wanted by the time they were finally available to the UK market. You guys can read more about that below, because when I’d finished writing down all of my thoughts about this, I realised that most of you are probably just here to look at the pictures, zoom in on the swatches and read about the texture and you may not wanna read all about my escapades… Anyway, I was lucky enough to get my hands on 3 items…



Lipstick, Royal Ball

This looked a lot more “corally” on the pictures I’ve seen online, but that’s the thing – my lips are different than other people’s lips, of course, otherwise they wouldn’t be mine 🙂 It feels nice and hydrating as opposed to some of the matte finishes, however it didn’t last quite as long as I’d hoped for. On me, this shade looks quite nude and subtle, with a lovely shimmery finish. …and yes, I do feel like going to a ball when I wear it 😉 It makes my lips look sort of …demure and innocent.


Iridescent Pressed Powder in Coupe D’Chic 

Described in MACs words “..imparts a shimmering sheen that will make you the belle of the ball”. I see this as a light summery blusher / highlighter. I say this because, despite it’s lovely thick texture, the color payoff isn’t quite as bright “pumpkin” as it appears in the box, it’s more of a natural glittery very light coral / golden shimmer. You can even see in the pic how shimmery it is. This is perfect for spring and summer and would look gorgeous on a “no makeup / natural makeup day”. 

Cinderella Glitter
Described by MAC as a “high-level glitter and sparkle effects on all areas of the face, skin and hair”. This is the most beautiful glitter I have ever seen, I am not even kidding! The way it catches the light is just amazing – it reminds me of a beautiful chandelier, one of those you’d find in a super posh place…or even a castle 😉

MAC does advise against using this around your eyes, however that’s probably where I am most likely to use it + on my lips for some funky look 😉  ….As long as you use a proper undercoat so you don’t end up with lots of glitter inside your actual eye, I guess this is a “use at own risk” product. 




Apologies, I just cannot get the lighting right for swatches…check out this blog for better pics!

Also, awesome swatches of the palette on this Pinterest post


Other Items…(the ones I had decided not to get, but couldn’t help but try out in the shop)…

Eye Gloss; I really do think this is just better in a pro makeup kit because it was, as many other blogs have written, really tacky and sticky feeling. I tried the “lighty tauped” which did had have a beautiful shine to it and lots and lots of shimmer. I do think this would look amazing at a photo shoot, but I would not want to wear it for a whole day again. It felt kind of sticky and my hair kept getting stuck in it – ok it was a windy day!

Lip Glass; Both of these were gorgeous, I must say! And with names like “Glass Slipper” and “Happily Ever After”, they were hard to resit.

I’m just more of a lipstick person (with the exception of NYX butter glosses) and I find that lip glosses are normally a bit too sticky for me. They look great, but my long hair always seem to catch it (yes, London is a windy places, haha) …I go through phases where I love lip gloss and then other times, I just cannot stand the whole stickiness….again, there’s some for everyone 🙂

Limited Edition Collection Thoughts

I don’t know about you, but I can certainly not afford to buy every single thing in every single MAC collection they bring up. And as much as I love makeup, I may want a thousand products, but do I NEED them? Of course not!

So when I found out that the eye shadow palette only had one limited color (same name as the palette: “Stroke of Midnight”) and the rest were permanent shades it was a bit of a “relief” as that made me decide not to get it. Did I want it? Of course I did, look at it, it’s beautiful, not to mention it’s a really practical travel kinda size with lovely nude shades, who doesn’t love a palette like that? But at the end I decided I wasn’t missing out on any colors if I didn’t get it. Partly because I already have two of the shades in there and partly because I looked up and compared swatches with my Urban Decay Naked 3 palette and some of the shades are super similar. So if you have one of the Naked palettes, don’t feel too bad if you missed out on the Cinderella MAC palette…even though it’s super cute!

Well, when the day of the online release came, let me tell you, it was super stressful! I felt like I was about to miss a flight or fail an exam! The website crashed 3 times while I tried to complete my purchase – even worse, at the very last stage where it validates the payment! I had literally sat and refreshed my MAC cosmetics UK site a million times that morning and suddenly it was available (together with an email from MAC. Guys, sign up to those things if you don’t wanna miss out on new releases!). When I finally managed to put my purchase through (4th try), the “Pretty it Up” pigment was for some reason no longer showing in my basket. Neither was the extra lipstick I was getting for a friend. I guess it had become unavailable in the mean time.

Of course I was disappointed, so when the collection a week later was released in a shop near work, I went there at 10am, only to find out I’d been told wrong, they actually opened 9am that day and all of the pigments were already gone!!! They had two lipsticks and a palette left, that was it! Everything else had been sold within 15mins of opening.

Yes, that’s why you can never get any of the limited edition collections…you have to skip classes, meetings, school runs, whatever it is you normally do in the mornings, to get your hands on this.

Ah, the beauty world, you do indeed need to “suffer for beauty” and like in the rest of life, you don’t always get what you want. The lady at the MAC counter was kind and took pity on me when she saw my sad face and gave me a tiny tiny sample of “pretty it up”. She did explain they are not allowed to sell the samples, which I understand – hygiene and everything – but I still would’ve totally bought it!

And as it turns out, I am not alone in getting slightly stressed out by this, just look at one of my fave vlogger’s and what she had to say about the whole thing – gotta love Bonnie, she always makes me laugh 🙂 grav3yardgirl

Have I really just written THIS much about a makeup collection? Yes! What can I say, I find it all fascinating 🙂




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