My Little Box – Subscription Review



Some of you may already have heard of My Little Box, I personally came across them via an add on facebook – probably because I am always searching and reviewing beauty and makeup stuff!

If you ever considered signing up to this gem of a beautybox, I can only sing their praise! Having received their amazing boxes since Oct last year, I can honestly say that there has not been a single box I did not LOVE!!

Below I’ll list why I love this beauty box and what you can expect from your monthly parcels. (in no particular order)

1. You get a confirmation email a few days prior to arrival to let you know that your box is on it’s way. Not only does the message tell you this, it’s also the time you find out the theme of your next box. See, My Little Box changes theme every single month, which is one of the reasons they are exciting and fun to subscribe to 🙂

You can read more about their boxes here and get an idea of previous ones. Click on each picture to have a looksie at the things included in each box.

2. A My Little Box magazine is always included, containing beauty reviews, blogs, interviews etc. It’s just a small magazine, fits perfect in your bag and is ideal for a quick lunch time read.

3. Each product and present is accompanied by a little information card letting you know the details of what you have received.

4. Products are always presented in the cutest little drawstring bag with the My Little Box logo on it. I’ve given some of mine away as gift bags and others I have kept for jewelry and other little knick knacks. I am thinking you could also use them for potpourri if you’re the DIY type.



5. Everything is presented in a cute and very re-usable and practical box. The design of the box matches that particular month’s theme.

6. Each parcel has a little mantra sticker which you’re presented with when opening your box. Maybe it’s just me, but I do love stuff like that! This month it was “To travel is to live”.

7. Not only are each and single one of their boxes a little ray of sunshine, but their customer service is amazing and they’re very quick to respond (I needed to change my payment details…..and also, due to my own fault, had lost out on the December box and asked if they had any left. They didn’t, but still sent me a couple of things they had leftover, how incredibly sweet is that!!).

8. The products are a good mix of the company’s own brand (My Little Beauty) and well known brands. There’s always something you’re guaranteed to like. If you wanna know more, here’s the link to the place they list the companies they partner up with.

9. Apart from beauty products special presents are always included. Among the things I have received so far are sun glasses, travel pouch, nail decals, scarf, post cards, small bag and t-shirt. Not bad eh?

Well, I hope I have helped shed some light on this subscription if you didn’t know it before. Feel free to ask questions in the comments below. For any subscription questions though, I suggest going to the site itself. It’s very easy to follow their website 🙂




Thanx for reading 🙂


Oh! And before I go, please note that everything in this post are entirely my own views. I have not been paid to write this or given any freebies, I genuinely just LOVE this company and I wanna share their awesomeness 🙂

FYI, all pics in this post are taken from the My Little Box website, ©

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