Inspire Me Korea ~ Summer Edition Box Review


Ever since I started watching Korean dramas and movies and I started looking into Korean culture, I’ve been quite amazed by all of the different events that the London KCC offers (KKC = Korean Culture Centre).  They have loads of stuff going on, go check them out! London KCC website

This Saturday just gone was no exception as they held a “K-Lovers’ Day” including dance performances from LoKo, K-drama screenings from the London Korean Drama Club, a yummy free lunch 🙂 and presentations from Kpop Academy (see KCC page) , YouTuber Margarita and Inspire Me Korea

excited much

Anyways, this blog isn’t about KCC, but I sort of had to mention them as it was at their event I was lucky enough to win one of Inspire Me Korea’s summer edition boxes in a raffle. Honestly, I never win anythingso it was quite exciting as I’d already put my raffle ticket back in my bag…and although a lil’ embarrassing to go up and get it in front of everyone, haha, I probably looked like a right little idiot, but oh well ^_,^ thank you so so much to Diana for fishing out my number and for gifting two of these boxes @ the event!! xXx

…as you can see in the pics, I was preeeeetty darn excited opening this box and probably loved it a little even before, haha =D


For those of you who know me, I’m a little in love with my subs box “My Little Box”, an all beauty box, so why would I be interested in what Inspire Me Korea has to offer, you ask?

Well, their monthly subscription boxes are quite different and this is why…

  1. They offer a selection: unisex, male, female….including everyone, yay!
  2. They include a magazine that doesn’t just talk about what’s in the box, but it also has recipes for Korean recipes, travel tips for Korea, Hangul mini lessons and interviews with various interesting people in the K-culture community – like a culture type of thing
  3. This is not a beauty box subscription, this is more of a monthly cultural mini experience and the box also includes Korean snacks, cosmetics/skincare and a bit of k-pop…now tell me, who wouldn’t smile at all of this combined? ^^
  4. They have a blog on their site with a bunch of articles about Korean culture both in Korea and in London
  5. They have the cutest ad I’ve ever seen and I’ve wanted to try out their service since I saw it the first time. Check it out here: Link to cutest ad you’ll ever see!! 😉
  6. The two founders, sisters, are the loveliest girls ever. I had a quick chat with them and also saw them chat with and hand out boxes to subscribers at the event –  they were super sweet to everyone and hey, stuff like that matters when you’re deciding what companies you want to spend your hard earned cash with, right?!

By now I’m sure you’re thinking, ok so stop babbling and tell me what’s in the box!! >o<

I did actually initially do an unboxing video, but I’ll spare you the horror as I am not a YouTuber at all and I just don’t know all those fantastic editing things you can do to “enhance” your stuff, so yea, you’ll have to do without for now, pls excuse 🙂 

box contents

Ok, ok…patience my dears….so, this months’ Summer Edition, I believe, was a bit of a snack feast as it had looooads of delish snacks. I am especially hooked on the Saltine crackers with cheese lemon filling (yea, you heard right)…#SuperYum!! I tried taking a pic so you guys could see the “layers”…ended up cracking it a bit much, oopsie… And the ….erm, butter coconut honey maple cookies….I had to read it a few times before I got what the pack said ‘cuz my knowledge of Hangul (the Korean alphabet) has, to be honest, seen better days ^^  ….I later realised that the little magazine has a page explaining what each item is, duh! #facepalm



There was also a little k-pop necklace (I can honestly say that k-pop did change my life ‘cuz I went to Korean classes and met some wonderful people!), of course the magazine and one of my fave things in this world: a Korean sheet face mask. If you haven’t tried one of these babies yet, pls do yourself a favour and grab one off eBay, Amazon or wherever…they are gold!! 

All in all, this box has quite a lot of stuff in it and you may just discover stuff you wouldn’t have picked up yourself at your local Korean supermarket, so I think it’s a pretty awesome thing and I’ll defy sign up for next month’s box 🙂 






I also really liked the little “thank you” sticker on the box…nice touch!

Nope, I haven’t been paid to say anything nice at all, I just really really like this whole idea 🙂

If you want to read more about how you can get one of these boxes or wanna see more videos from the masterminds behind this, go check out their YouTube channel. 

Thanx for reading, and thanx again to Inspire Me Korea and their awesome company! ^^


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